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“The only measure of success is the birth of a healthy baby”

While there are options when choosing a fertility clinic, Houston IVF has the experience and IVF success rates that can make the difference.

Our evaluation of your fertility needs does not require surgery to make a diagnosis.

When do you need to see a Fertility Specialist?

  • If you have been trying to get pregnant for one year and are under 35, or for six months and you’re over 35, you should consult your Obstetrician/Gynecologist or a Fertility Specialist.

  • If you have had multiple miscarriages or In Vitro Fertilization Cycles that have failed, a Houston IVF Physician may be able to help.

  • You have just been diagnosed with cancer and your oncologist recommends that you speak with a specialist about fertility preservation.

  • You are a young single woman or couple who is heavily involved in your career and cannot put it on hold while you have a baby. We can preserve your eggs, saving them for when you decide the time is right.

Why Choose Houston IVF?

  • Nationally Recognized Fertility Specialists

  • Compassionate Patient Care

  • High Success Rates

  • State-of-the-Art Fertility Services Facility

  • Several IVF Loans and Financing options


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