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About Houston IVF

Houston IVF provides a wide variety of fertility services to meet the special needs of the patient.

In 2001, Dr. Timothy Hickman wanted to provide women in Houston access to advanced infertility services which would help them realize their dream of becoming pregnant. Initially, Dr. Hickman and his staff trained with Dr. William Schoolcraft and his team at the world-renowned Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM). Since 2001 Houston IVF has had access to the same protocols and procedures utilized by CCRM. Houston IVF has successfully combined professional care and meticulous laboratory techniques that have resulted in high birth rates. Dr. Hickman, as Medical Director, and Dr. Schoolcraft, as Scientific Director, work to ensure that the latest clinical protocols, techniques, and procedures are offered to patients at Houston IVF. Additionally, patients benefit from the compassion, competence and care of the Houston IVF professional and support.

“Our only measure of success is the birth of a healthy baby.”

Led by physicians, embryologists, nurses, lab technicians and other specialists trained in the treatment of fertility, Houston IVF first identifies the cause for infertility, and then develops a treatment plan based on those specific findings.

As leaders in fertility research and care, Houston IVF partners with Premier IVF and their other partners in sharing ideas and protocols. At the heart of research is Fertility Laboratories of Colorado (FLC), located in Englewood, Colorado. The FLC research team is a group of international scientists well known for their work in several reproductive science areas. The FLC research department makes their research advances available to Houston IVF before they are published and shared with other fertility treatment centers. This is another benefit to the patient of Houston IVF.

About Houston IVF

Mission Statement:

"We, as a team of professionals, are committed to continued excellence, through meticulously performed, current techniques and continued education to bring couples the greatest chance of pregnancy."

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