Houston IVF Practice Administration

Blake Welch, M.B.A.
Blake Welch, M.B.A.Executive Director
Leslee Murphy, L.C.S.W.
Leslee Murphy, L.C.S.W.Clinic Therapist
Shamika Maxwell
Shamika Maxwell New Patient Coordinator
Shilpa Chandra
Shilpa Chandra Administrative Assistant
Susan Gibbons R.N, B.S.N.
Susan Gibbons R.N, B.S.N.Clinical Manager
Mercedes Costello
Mercedes Costello Physician Liaison
Erikka Williams
Erikka Williams Marketing Coordinator
Nancy Alvardo
Nancy Alvardo Administrative Assistant
Sarah Davis R.N, B.S.N.
Sarah Davis R.N, B.S.N.Patient Advocate
Michelle Deleon
Michelle DeleonNew Patient Coordinator
Lisa Adame
Lisa Adame Administrative Assistant
We, as a team of professionals, are committed to continued excellence, through meticulously performed, current techniques and continued education to bring couples the greatest chance of pregnancy.