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Our Laboratory Staff

Alexandre Sheiko, M.S
Alexandre Sheiko, M.S Laboratory Supervisor
Michelle Clark, B.S.
Michelle Clark, B.S.Embryologist
Jackie Shaffer, B.S.
Jackie Shaffer, B.S.Hormone/ Andrology Technician
Janette Nowak, B.S, E.L.D.
Janette Nowak, B.S, E.L.D.Senior Embryologist
Kymberly Riley
Kymberly Riley Embryologist
Shelby Kilduff, M.L.T, A.S.C.P.
Shelby Kilduff, M.L.T, A.S.C.P.Hormone/ Andrology Supervisor
Barbara Muhammed, B.S.
Barbara Muhammed, B.S.Hormone/ Andrology Technician

We, as a team of professionals, are committed to continued excellence, through meticulously performed, current techniques and continued education to bring couples the greatest chance of pregnancy.

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