How to Survive Mother’s Day When You’re Struggling to Conceive

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Holidays can be emotionally difficult when you’re coping with and infertility diagnosis/treatment – they tend to remind us that our family building has not gone the way we imagined. For women struggling to get pregnant, Mother’s Day can be even more painful than Thanksgiving or Christmas. While designed to celebrate motherhood, it simultaneously punishes those who have yet to become mothers, no matter how desperately they want to do so.

We’ve compiled a list of five suggestions to help you survive this Mother’s Day:

  • Join a support group. Connecting with others who are walking a similar path will make you feel less isolated and will validate your emotional response. Resolve has compiled a helpful list of infertility support organizations that are worth looking into.
  • Pamper yourself. Go for a massage, get a pedicure, take a last minute trip! Be selfish and indulge in what you need and not what others expect of you.
  • Celebrate the day with a woman in your life that represents that kind of mom you’d like to be. Do something that turns the focus of the day onto the special relationship that you have, regardless of the day on the calendar.
  • Consider telling your family about your infertility. Being open about your experiences leads to acceptance, understanding and a stronger support system.
  • If you decide to attend a family event and you are part of a couple, have a prearranged signal that you give to one another when one of you absolutely must leave. Stay close to each other while at the gathering to be mutually supportive.

We urge individuals who are experiencing infertility, to create a plan for days (like Mother’s Day) that you expect to be emotionally taxing. This can help to positively direct your thoughts and assist you in getting through the day with as little emotional distress possible.

Need a little extra support or want to learn more about infertility and your options? Contact Houston IVF, so we can work with you towards a solution.

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