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Dr. Katherine McKnight & the ABC’s of IVF

Learn more about one of Houston IVF ’s Reproductive Endocrinologist, Dr.
Katherine McKnight.

Where are you from?
I was born in Connecticut, but raised in San Antonio, Texas.

Tell us a little about your educational background?
I went to the University of Washington for college to further my studies in biology and to
get a taste of life in the Pacific Northwest. I returned to Texas to attend medical school
at the University of Texas. My OB-GYN residency and infertility fellowship took place in
Birmingham, Alabama.

When did you join Houston IVF and what was the deciding factor in picking this
I joined Houston IVF in 2012 after interviewing with numerous fertility groups in the
South. I chose this practice largely for the cutting-edge technologies they were using
and the excellent physicians here. I also talked with my OB-GYN friends in Texas, and
all highly recommended Houston IVF to their patients.

Did you always want to be a Reproductive Endocrinologist?
I knew Reproductive Endocrinology was for me during my OB-GYN residency. I enjoyed
delivering babies, but found infertility and reproductive surgery to be fascinating and

What is the most challenging thing about being a Reproductive Endocrinologist?
One of the most challenging situations in infertility is the couple with recurrent

What would you say is the most rewarding?
When patients have success and bring their babies to meet me!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I enjoy being a mom to my 2 little girls, reading novels, running, and travel.

Why do you think there is still a fertility awareness gap today especially for
I believe there is a fertility awareness gap in all women, not just millennials. So many
women do not know how quickly our fertility declines in our 30s. Many believe getting
pregnant after 40 will be easy, and unfortunately success with natural conception is
poor at that age.

Truth is, 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility and even though it’s so common, the
awareness gap Dr. McKnight touches on is very real. You can learn more about this
fertility awareness gap in the recent Healthline article, which goes in depth on the issue
and further with millennials.

Houston IVF strives to shed a light on infertility, as well as options individuals/ couples
have to build their families.

As we get ready for a new school year to begin, we wanted to touch on terms regarding
the IVF process that may seem intimidating or confusing. Below you will find a list of
commonly used vocabulary words pertaining to infertility and IVF. Throughout our
website, you can also find other glossary terms that we define for your
convenience. If ever, you still have questions, please call us at 713-465- 1211. We’d
want nothing more than to be transparent as possible to make everyone’s personal
fertility journey as easy and stress free as possible.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Katherine McKnight or any of our other Board
Certified Reproductive Endocrinologists, visit New Patient Consultation.

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