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We know that the amount of fertility information on the web can be mind boggling, but two of the better sources are FertilityAuthority.com and ConceiveOnline.com.  Both do a good job of taking medical journal papers and explaining them in everyday language. Both recently looked at some of the newer trends in fertility treatment, several of which we are actively engaged in.

The trend garnering most of the attention is Egg Freezing for fertility preservation. The Pena twins, the first births from frozen eggs in Texas, are almost four months old and doing well according to their parents. While the technique targeted women who wanted to preserve their fertility before undergoing cancer treatment, it appears to have generated lots of buzz from women who simply want to delay motherhood until Mr. Right comes along or until they are more established in their careers.

Another trend that is gaining is the ‘All-in-One” Genetic Testing. These tests are more comprehensive than the standard Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), and cover many more potential anomalies that could be passed along to the unborn child. The research lab we share with CCRM is constantly looking at new applications for the testing, and Dr. Schoolcraft suggests that women over 40 or women who have had recurrent miscarriages could benefit immensely from the new genetic tests, which we call ‘Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening.’

These are just two of the trends the two portals have highlighted. To see Conceive’s most recent list click here.


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