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Fertility During the Holidays



By Haley Hernadez
December 26, 2017

(NBC NEWS) – Experts say the number one mistake women make is holding that stress inside and not talking about it.

Holly Stevens has a bundle of joy to celebrate this season, but it is a far cry from where she was last year, so she is speaking out about how to address infertility in the middle of holiday cheer.

“Deciding how I wanted to respond so that I wasn’t caught off guard or had unwanted emotions rise to the surface. So I had responses prepared for questions,” said Stevens.

Fertility Specialist Dr. James Nodler from Houston IVF says there is one key way he recommends his patients cope with infertility.

“The most important one is making yourself a network. So however you want to make that support network, it works. Personally, the patients that I see that do the best are the ones who are open and honest,” said Nodler.

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