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October 10, 2014

After a break-up, one woman decided to put her dreams of children on ice – literally – at a cost of £14,000. She describes life as one of Britain’s very few ‘freezers’

It’s 7pm on a Wednesday night, and I’m sitting at my kitchen table, holding a hypodermic needle in one hand. With the other, I’m rubbing the small red puncture mark in my stomach, hoping it will stop bleeding so I don’t have to change the cream silk shirt I’ve picked out for my date tonight. I’m not diabetic nor a drug addict, and, although I’ve just injected the same hormones that women trying to conceive commonly use, I’m not doing IVF either. I’m single, I’m 36 and I’m freezing my


I’ll be honest: this wasn’t how I saw my life panning out. I was never one of those women who was desperate to get married and have children. I even went through periods of thinking I didn’t want them at all. But then in July 2012 I split up with the man I thought was going to father my children. This wasn’t just wishful thinking: while we weren’t actively trying to conceive, we had stopped using contraception. In my head, I was going to be pregnant by Christmas.



Source: The Telegraph

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