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IVF Success Rates

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World Class Success Rates at Houston IVF – Extraordinary Results for Those In All Age Groups

Our extraordinary success rates with IVF are due to many factors. First, we meticulously screen patients for hidden causes of prior or potential IVF failure. Chromosomal abnormalities in the patient’s own peripheral blood, the presence of hydrosalpinges, the presence of uterine fibroids or other entities, which compromise the uterine cavity, and abnormalities of sperm morphology are a few examples of irregularities that can be detected during pretesting. By identifying these factors prospectively, we can correct these abnormalities and maximize the patient’s chance for success.

The second contributor to our excellent results is our IVF laboratory. Our embryologists are able to grow embryos in an optimal environment and increase their growth, development, and implantation potential. We can also add technologies such as assisted hatching to further enhance the opportunity for embryos to implant. Other additions to the laboratory, such as the transfer of embryos in “embryo glue” (hyaluronan), can further facilitate the embryo’s success.

In addition to the laboratory aspects of IVF, certainly the methods of stimulating patients are of critical importance. We, at Houston IVF, are considered experts on the treatment of poor responders and have implemented protocols to maximize the yield of oocytes for these patients. Each patient’s characteristics are evaluated, and an individualized treatment plan is created. No standard stimulation protocol exists. As shown below, our success rates are well above the national average even for the most challenging patients who have already failed multiple cycles of IVF before they arrive at our door. By obtaining an optimal number and quality of oocytes initially, we can optimize the best outcome for patients in terms of embryo development.

The following statistics are for patients using their own eggs. The fact that our center has achieved live birth rates significantly higher in each age category compared to the national data is a claim that few IVF centers can make nationwide. Statistics for women using donor egg patients are found below as well.

To obtain more information about our services we may be contacted by mail, telephone, or fax as follows:

Dr. Timothy Hickman,  Dr. Katherine McKnight, Dr. Jamie Nodler and Dr. Rashmi Kudesia.
Houston IVF
929 Gessner, Suite 2300
Houston, Texas 77024
Office: (713) 465-1211
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